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Dental Technology

Digital X-Rays & Automated Periodontal Probe in Bloomfield, NJ

Using the latest advancements in the field of dentistry, Brookdale Dental provides patients in Essex County with safe dental procedures in a caring, friendly environment.

Digital X-Rays

Computerized digital x-rays offer instantaneous images, which can be viewed on both our computer monitors and treatment room televisions. Digital x-rays use one tenth the radiation of conventional dental x-rays, use no harsh processing chemicals, and have no harmful disposal products (i.e. lead foil and the plastic outer cover). This makes them much safer for our patients and the environment.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a device that allows us to take pictures of our patients’ mouth and teeth. These images enable the patient to become more informed regarding their treatment through the visualization of the clinical problems noted by the dentist.

Nex Carries Detector

The Nex carries detector is a non-invasive hand held device used to aid the diagnosis of tooth decay. With over 95% accuracy, this device can detect decay in areas of the tooth before that decay can be clinically diagnosed by conventional methods. Earlier detection of decay leads to less drilling, expense, and chair time.

Automated Periodontal Probe

Periodontal probing is the measurement of the depth of the pockets that surround the teeth. Six measurements are taken around each tooth, back, middle, and front on both the tongue and cheek sides. The automated probe facilitates uniformity of probing pressure from operator to operator, insuring consistent and accurate results.

Automated Instrument Disinfector (AID)

In an effort to offer our patients the best and most up to date sterilization process, the AID was incorporated into our practice. After use, the instruments are wiped with a cleaning solution in the treatment rooms, placed in stainless steel holders (cassettes), taken to the AID, processed and disinfected. The cassettes are taken from the AID wrapped and sterilized in a steam autoclave. The sterile pouches of are opened in the treatment room just prior to the patient’s appointment.

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